Ellie Flier’s Rosh Hashanah anthem sets a goal for social justice in the new year to come.

Ellie Flier has released a new music video for her Rosh Hashanah anthem “May We,” a meaningful and poetic exploration of social justice goals for the new year. 

Her lyrics begin:

May we always be forgiven

May we search for ways to grow

May we always have compassion 

For those we know and those we don’t

Watch the video below to hear the rest of the song, and download the sheet music on Ellie’s website.

May We Official Video

May We — a new song for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.FREE sheet music available at www.ellieflier.com.May we always be forgiven, May we search for ways to grow. May we always have compassion for those we know and those we don’t.This and so much more. May we have a shana tova filled with love for all people and tikkun olam.🎥 Films By Lex💄 I Can Make You Blush🎙 Kosher Style Records

Posted by Ellie Flier Music on Wednesday, August 28, 2019
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