Jewish Star Season 1 is out!

Funded by Jewish Rock Radio, the Jewish Star North American talent search is a new competition designed to identify emerging talent in the Jewish community who have a passion and desire to impact the Jewish world. Seven grand prize winners were chosen by a panel of celebrity music artists and then 17,000 public votes. 

The winners each received an all-expenses-paid trip to Songleader Boot Camp, where they spent time recording a studio version of an original song with Kosher Style Records, which all compiled into a Jewish Star Season 1 album released on April 11th.

  • “Seek It Out” — Kenneth Lyonswright
  • “Colors in the Sky (Tzvayim Bashamayim)” — Ellie Fern
  • “Lo Yareiu” — Noah Levine
  • “L’takein” — Lucy Greenbaum
  • “No More” — Ian Simpson
  • “Footsteps” — Andrew Goldstein
  • “Before They Say Please (Zeh Bazeh)” — Marc Luban

Listen to the album streaming now everywhere you find music.

Learn more about the Jewish Star contest here.

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